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neudesic,, sharepoint2010 website, sharepoint best webdesign, sharepoint2010 best siteMy company Neudesic just released a new and improved public website that was built on SharePoint 2010 and does some cool things with CRM. Luckily I have got a chance to be part of this process from UX side. I am very proud to say that this is great example of SharePoint + UX + CRM + other technologies. This is a great example of how Rich public facing site built on SharePoint 2010 can look and definitely showcases some great features!Press Release - Click here

There’s even a cool contest where you could win a Kinect (I’m not eligible.)

Note - Still some improvements are there, we folks are working on it, very soon we will see one more improved version of this.

Please share your feedbacks/views/comments, this will help us.

very happy to share that my photo is also there on Career page :) - Click here


Anonymous said…
Hey, I was also a part of this.
Anonymous said…
wao, it's you.
too good.
Anonymous said…
hey Rajesh, this is really good one yaar. love to see your snap there.
This comment has been removed by the author.

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