Projector Comparison - Benq 1070 vs Optoma HD26 vs Epson 2030/2040/2045

Friends, I know most of us are searching this topic on net to get answer which one is the best project in market. Yes :), more we go through reviews ... we start getting confuse. Same happened with me and I spent around 1.5 month reading blogs and reviews.

Finally i have got all three top projectors and tested it personally. while doing this i called group of friends in different groups to have their different views. Really it was interesting to compare all three top projectors and have different eyes. Let me share review comments here, ll try to be very crisp and practical.

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BENQ W1070 (DLP) - For Movies

-  This is the best for Movies
-   Great clarity, Great color, Easy to use
-  Superb black level
-  works great with Short distance. for more details please use calculator to

-  not great for still images, contrast and color rendering is more suitable for movies
-  heating :), bit more compare to below two

Go for it
- for movies

OPTOMA HD26 (DLP) - For Contrast
-  Great contrast and bright
-  Great colors and white levels
-  heating problem lowest compare to other two
-  Less noise compare to others

-  Corners are not smooth. example - lets say there is one character in scene if we observe in detail, corner of that character is not that smooth.
- Black level need improvement

Go for it
- for contrast and bright LCD feel

EPSON 2030/ 2040 /2045 (3-LCD) - Overall
-  Great contrast and bright
-  Great colors and white levels
-  good connections
-  2 yrs warranty
-  All rounder, overall good

-  heating and noise
-  Black level is not great

Go for it
- For LCD Feel, 2 yrs Warranty.
- For brand and being safe

Finally I have decide to go with Epson 2045 latest one, because of 2yrs warranty and overall good performance. In market epson 2040 and 2045 is available.

sharing some of the pics from my projector 2045, captured with canon 7D


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