Thursday, April 5, 2018

Oneplus 5t Camera Review with pics, pros and cons

Recently bought my Oneplus 5t, m just loving this. My first impression was good but i was not very happy with the camera. Not sure, but in some cases it producing pic like OIL PAINT effect. I was really worried as Camera is my fav piece in mobile. One of the reasons buying 5T was a camera, before 5t i had oneplus one, which had a great camera.

But now i have different views, so i thought let me share it here.
in short
- Great phone
- Great Battery life
- Great look
- Now Great camera, let me share pics to compliment my statement

- In some cases, you get output like OilPainting. I think this is known issue for Oneplus 5t. Not sure if they are going to release any patch/solution for the same
- except this, no other points

for more pics, plz visit my 500px

stay tuned, i will be sharing more pics :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Projector Comparison - Benq 1070 vs Optoma HD26 vs Epson 2030/2040/2045

Friends, I know most of us are searching this topic on net to get answer which one is the best project in market. Yes :), more we go through reviews ... we start getting confuse. Same happened with me and I spent around 1.5 month reading blogs and reviews.

Finally i have got all three top projectors and tested it personally. while doing this i called group of friends in different groups to have their different views. Really it was interesting to compare all three top projectors and have different eyes. Let me share review comments here, ll try to be very crisp and practical.

For reviews - visit

BENQ W1070 (DLP) - For Movies

-  This is the best for Movies
-   Great clarity, Great color, Easy to use
-  Superb black level
-  works great with Short distance. for more details please use calculator to

-  not great for still images, contrast and color rendering is more suitable for movies
-  heating :), bit more compare to below two

Go for it
- for movies

OPTOMA HD26 (DLP) - For Contrast
-  Great contrast and bright
-  Great colors and white levels
-  heating problem lowest compare to other two
-  Less noise compare to others

-  Corners are not smooth. example - lets say there is one character in scene if we observe in detail, corner of that character is not that smooth.
- Black level need improvement

Go for it
- for contrast and bright LCD feel

EPSON 2030/ 2040 /2045 (3-LCD) - Overall
-  Great contrast and bright
-  Great colors and white levels
-  good connections
-  2 yrs warranty
-  All rounder, overall good

-  heating and noise
-  Black level is not great

Go for it
- For LCD Feel, 2 yrs Warranty.
- For brand and being safe

Finally I have decide to go with Epson 2045 latest one, because of 2yrs warranty and overall good performance. In market epson 2040 and 2045 is available.

sharing some of the pics from my projector 2045, captured with canon 7D

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Daily Cup of UX -

everyone love something in life, i love Art, Food and sports... thought lets start with Arts, as this is very close to me and comes very naturally.

Started where I and my friends will be sharing our real time experience being in UX subject. We will share some useful insight on UX process, information architecture, interaction design, iXd, Visual design, creativity, logos, icon design, concept design, frontend development , html5, css3 , usability testing and all latest things which are happening around us.

This is just start, if you are someone who has same interest.. please lset me know i ll add you as contributor or i can publish your content.

looking for support + learn + share

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Some Creative Break

If you are tired from your regular work or getting bore – take some creative break and do what you love  most. For me its clicking pictures or scribbling on some surface(paper,board, computer .etc). Today I love to share my couple of blogs which I started as my hobby/love and today I have good number of posts and visits on this. I would love to hear your views on this.

Creative works –

Photography –

rajesh r nair - green autorajesh r nair - bike sketchrajesh r nair - cute monsterrajesh r nair - cycle boyrajesh r nair - hole world

Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to select Brand Colors

How to select brand colors?

If you are
- designer
- working on presales
- working on concept design
- working on ideas to share with customer
- working on some proposal

any scenarios, where you need to bring branding part, theming, customization of look and feel.. You can use app, its free to use web based solution from ADOBE. There are some other applications, but Kuler is one of the best.

Subject based  Search - This has great search engine, where we can write our subject and it gives exceptional result with great color palette. Your subject can be - company name, emotion, business (hospitality, finance, govt, sports) .. .etc

Friday, July 12, 2013

CSS3 + html5 + Jquery

trying to collect some of the best resources on latest web trend

1. CSS3 beauti, here is the the great example of CSS3 Calc Function
 never expected that we can do all these by just CSS.. Idea here is, we can divide one container into three by just CSS and we can even give different colors to them by CSS. Superb :)

for more detail -

Friday, May 31, 2013

Drive Recovery Free Software - Pandora

While installing application, my files have got deleted, Corrupted, encrypted. I was really very upset because my latest Kerala visit pictures got deleted. Next, sent a mail to my Community friends and there we go.. got a great answer. Ganesh Suggested to go for PANDORA - Free Recovery app.

Really its awsome one, m able to recover my alll the files.

Monday, May 6, 2013

How to select "Right Lens" for Camera Body

I love photography and i am sure one question which everyone might have that how to select best lens. There are good number of sites where we can go and read review to know more about different lens.

couple of approaches we can try are
- we should know our Style/pattern of Photography. For this just go and check your last 200 pics, you ll start realizing that your strength lies one particular style. Wide, portrait, Landscape, animal, natural .. etc.

- Sites where we can get reviews are

- One of my fav site to make my decision final

Go to left ADVANCED SEARCH, and select your model + lens - see the result before buying it.

Monday, March 4, 2013

How to do Windows 8 App design

I have been going through good number of blogs to understand win8 design in more detail, i think its better to share here publicly and have open opinion and views on the same.

I will be posting all the materials one by one here. let me start with basic RESOURCE which will help us to understand win8.

Win8 -
Win8design -

please go through each case studies to get better understanding of win8

Win8 PowerPoint template
Free Windows 8 Wireframe Templates for PowerPoint -

Windows 8 application - Interaction

Free Windows 8 Photoshop files

How to design Form Interface for Windows8

Free Windows 8 Icon Set

  • - Download this tool, one of the best Icon sets
  • In powerpoint(office 2013) there is storyboarding feature, from there we can click on element and say right click to save as PNG format

Paid PowerPoint Template

Win8 design inspiration

Windows 8 animation

Adds in Windows8 app
Advertising guidelines can be found here
Case studies

Xbox example

Error display in Windows 8

Downloads for building Store apps

More Resources
Please read my previous post -

I will be adding more, if you have any questions please feel free to post/mail me (

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dreamweaver 6 with HTML5 and fluid layouts

Sorry, i am very late on this wonderful topic.

Great to share that Dreamweaver 6 comes with HTML5 and CSS3 support. The best part its providing FLUID LAYOUT TEMPLATE. This is  going to make our life easy to do web development. Dreamweaver is usign bootstrap template fro the same.

here is the screenshot which i captured to share with you all.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

HTML5 Form - beautifuly done

one of the best HTML5 form example i have gto from net while browsing. This is from WebDesign Tuts.

sad part.. this doesnt work with IE

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Win8 HTML Framework - Droptiles

while browsing got a great resoruce for HTML win8 development.

Thanks Droptiles for giving great solution

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Microsoft New Logo

WOW! Love to see new branding Identity of Microsoft. Present last logo has completed 25 years, today new identity has started its life. Great to see that all business, product, services .etc are started looking from one family Microsoft family. As we all know that Brand is somethign which builds relation and confidence among users, this is great change to see.

Best part, though its new identity but it has familiar elements which help us to relate with Microsoft. Four Boxes which i have been seeing the day i started looking at system.

Source -

Some Windows  OLD commercials are here :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Win 8 great look and feel

Windows 8 Tablet - Samsung + some apps.
I have all three beautiful devices, Samsung Galaxy(android) + Apple Ipad and Win8 Tab.
believe me these three are having their own beauty and great points. in brief
1. Samsung Galaxy - looks very sleek + has bright appeal
2. Apple Ipad - looks sober + solid apperance
3. Win8 Tab Samsung - very easy to scan + look very familiar and simple.

if i am asked to select one, which i can use for multipule use with very short learning curve definitely i love to go for Win8 tab. Waiting for Microsoft Surface, one thing very sure it  will replace laptop. 

I have seen couple of places where folks are comparing Ipad and Surface, if you ask me there is no comaprision between these two beautiful devices.
Ipad - is great for enteratainment purpose, it has great display and interaction.
Surface - is more serious and has great power with multi capabilities its goign to give competition to laptop/netbook and ultrabooks.

lookign forward to play with Microsoft Surface.

Office 13 look and feel, love it!. Love office color and start screen.

Visual Studio start up screen, great piece of art

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Best Mockup Tool - HTML5 based

Love exploring and searching Prototyping tools. Today I have came to know about -!/  from one of my friends, this is exceptional HTML5 based.

I have just tried couple of template to understand/explore these tool, first impression is really great. It has all the basic and very regularly used elements.

How it works - very smooth and fast :), just matter of drag and drop | double click edit | linking pages | publishing in png or PDF format.

NOTE - This works good with CHROME, FIREFOX and SAFARI

Monday, July 9, 2012

Radio Button to Toggle Button

if we are looking for solution where you need Radio button as Toggle button, here is one interesting solution. This we can achieve with just CSS. I have got this solution from

Copy this Style in Header
body {

#bounds {
    border:1px solid #D0D0D0;

#bounds label {

#bounds label span {
    padding:3px 0px;

#bounds label input {

#bounds input:checked span {

Copy this Style in Body
div id="bounds"
    <label><input type="radio" name="toggle"><span>Onspan>label>
    <label><input type="radio" name="toggle"><span>Offspan>label>

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Solution for Vertically Lengthy Pages

HTML5 Rocks is one of the best site on Internet for HTML5 learning, examples and articles. While visiting this site today, have noticed one very interesting feature which can be very useful for any site/portal which has tons of information and vertical scroll bar on interface.
Attaching two snaps here,
1. we can see one SMALL FLOATING "+" symbol/icon
2. onclick this shows ALL THE TOPICS of page, user can easily move from one section to another.

Great Great feature, believe this can be big selling point for portals/sites. I believe Wikipedia should implemetn this, it will make user job easy to scan/read content.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

UI Guidelines reference

as a part of UX Process and Design process, coming with Design Guideline document is very important part. This is very important for client sign off and for dev process. This is great way to set standard and define mood of brand/application. while searching for some reference on net, got to see a great place where i can get some of the best guidelines of different companies.
love to share here -

please have a look and book mark this one

Friday, June 1, 2012

PowerPoint - Great Prototyping Tool

I have been big fan of powerpoint prototyping.. in most of the projects to do IA i have taken PPT approach.
Strong reason, very easy tool to handle and share with others. Beauti which makes PPT more useful/powerful its universal kind of app for maximum users, it makes Customer/reviewer  job easy to give comments on your wireframe/story. For them its just matter of putting Block and writing their comments with in that. Yes, you can do low to high fidelity in prototypes.

Recently Microsoft has launched PPT Storyboarding feature with Visual Studio 11. There are great blogs, request please have a look at

First time when I came to know about this, question was
Do I need to have Visual STudio to have Storyboard feature and tools in my PowerPoint?
Answer - NO

Yes, we can just install .msi and ll be ready with our Storyboard feature within Microsoft PowerPoint.

I started using this for my couple of projects, believe me its great experience. I started loving this.
here is very good article + downloadable file -

If you are interested to read Storyboarding concept, please have a look at my own thoughts/concept -

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Same IA for two popular websites

I have been big fan of Cleartrip, very neat and simple app…  as user when I go with my goal to this app, it tells me minimum way to achieve that.

Today I thought of trying out Expedia,, was shocked by seeing that both have same Information architecture and interaction pattern + look and feel too.
If we hide header, no way to know on which site/app we are. I am not sure if its from same company or not.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What is Metro Design

There are definitions on net, from my understanding its design canvas where each element has its own Information and Interaction. It sounds very similar to Vector definition (A quantity having direction as well as magnitude).

one of the best beautiful part of it, that this stands out from crowd. Even Metro concept has came from Railway station and Airport where we can find signboards whch stands out from these heavily public places and guide us to achieve our goal. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Motion Design | Motion Animation

I was looking for some material which talks about Motion Design, yes there are plenty of information on net... again while doing research (SEARCHING AGAIN AND AGAIN - RE - SEARCH ), got great  materials

- Video -
- Article - please use Translator to understand this.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One of the very important i realize being in UX domain.. i think its applicable for everyone that we need to always promote our domain and create awareness for others. There are different ways to do it, one of the easiest way in the world is having Meaning ful POSTERS.

If you folks are looking for some ideas or references, yes we have tons of information on net :) but if you ask me one place where you can get abstract material.. here you go

These are from my fav Lukew

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

As a Visual Designer deciding Color Palette is one of the very important part in designing. I still remember 5 yrs  back this was typical job of Artist folks/some one who has great understanding of colors.

But in recent times there are some great webapp/online tools which helps us to select color palette for design. one of the most popular among desingers KULER (adobe - ).

Today i was looking for color codes, names, .etc .etc, this is how we all do our research (searhing again and again - ReSearch :) ), have got couple of links which will be very helpful for us while designing.