Oneplus 5t Camera Review with pics, pros and cons

Recently bought my Oneplus 5t, m just loving this. My first impression was good but i was not very happy with the camera. Not sure, but in some cases it producing pic like OIL PAINT effect. I was really worried as Camera is my fav piece in mobile. One of the reasons buying 5T was a camera, before 5t i had oneplus one, which had a great camera.

But now i have different views, so i thought let me share it here.
in short
- Great phone
- Great Battery life
- Great look
- Now Great camera, let me share pics to compliment my statement

- In some cases, you get output like OilPainting. I think this is known issue for Oneplus 5t. Not sure if they are going to release any patch/solution for the same
- except this, no other points

for more pics, plz visit my 500px…

Projector Comparison - Benq 1070 vs Optoma HD26 vs Epson 2030/2040/2045

Friends, I know most of us are searching this topic on net to get answer which one is the best project in market. Yes :), more we go through reviews ... we start getting confuse. Same happened with me and I spent around 1.5 month reading blogs and reviews.

Finally i have got all three top projectors and tested it personally. while doing this i called group of friends in different groups to have their different views. Really it was interesting to compare all three top projectors and have different eyes. Let me share review comments here, ll try to be very crisp and practical.

For reviews - visit

BENQ W1070 (DLP) - For Movies

-  This is the best for Movies
-   Great clarity, Great color, Easy to use
-  Superb black level
-  works great with Short distance. for more details please use calculator to

-  not great for still images, contrast and color renderi…


Not official – This is just an Idea/Concept of Microsoft Identity Card.  C&C please

A Daily Cup of UX -

everyone love something in life, i love Art, Food and sports... thought lets start with Arts, as this is very close to me and comes very naturally.

Started where I and my friends will be sharing our real time experience being in UX subject. We will share some useful insight on UX process, information architecture, interaction design, iXd, Visual design, creativity, logos, icon design, concept design, frontend development , html5, css3 , usability testing and all latest things which are happening around us.

This is just start, if you are someone who has same interest.. please lset me know i ll add you as contributor or i can publish your content.

looking for support + learn + share

Some Creative Break

If you are tired from your regular work or getting bore – take some creative break and do what you love  most. For me its clicking pictures or scribbling on some surface(paper,board, computer .etc). Today I love to share my couple of blogs which I started as my hobby/love and today I have good number of posts and visits on this. I would love to hear your views on this.Creative works – http://artsrajesh.blogspot.comPhotography –

How to select Brand Colors

How to select brand colors?

If you are
- designer
- working on presales
- working on concept design
- working on ideas to share with customer
- working on some proposal

any scenarios, where you need to bring branding part, theming, customization of look and feel.. You can use app, its free to use web based solution from ADOBE. There are some other applications, but Kuler is one of the best.

Subject based  Search - This has great search engine, where we can write our subject and it gives exceptional result with great color palette. Your subject can be - company name, emotion, business (hospitality, finance, govt, sports) .. .etc

CSS3 + html5 + Jquery

trying to collect some of the best resources on latest web trend

1. CSS3 beauti, here is the the great example of CSS3 Calc Function
 never expected that we can do all these by just CSS.. Idea here is, we can divide one container into three by just CSS and we can even give different colors to them by CSS. Superb :)

for more detail -