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Drive Recovery Free Software - Pandora

While installing application, my files have got deleted, Corrupted, encrypted. I was really very upset because my latest Kerala visit pictures got deleted. Next, sent a mail to my Community friends and there we go.. got a great answer. Ganesh Suggested to go for PANDORA - Free Recovery app.

Really its awsome one, m able to recover my alll the files.

How to select "Right Lens" for Camera Body

I love photography and i am sure one question which everyone might have that how to select best lens. There are good number of sites where we can go and read review to know more about different lens.

couple of approaches we can try are
- we should know our Style/pattern of Photography. For this just go and check your last 200 pics, you ll start realizing that your strength lies one particular style. Wide, portrait, Landscape, animal, natural .. etc.

- Sites where we can get reviews are

- One of my fav site to make my decision final

Go to left ADVANCED SEARCH, and select your model + lens - see the result before buying it.