Third Party Window should get open in New Tab - "Latest Browsers"

There is one small .. or i can say this small is bigger than big issue ... :) sounds bit odd rite..
But true friends, this time i really got stuck.. my MENTAL MODEL is completely blocked.
I am trying my best to solve...
For this m putting this point to different people to get my answer.

ha ha ha. let me come to point..

This is about how to
OPEN THIRD party site from your webpage
Q1. should it be in Same Window ?
Q2. Should it be in NEW WINDOW ?

Really love to see comments here on this

I would like to go for NEW WINDOW.. reason its very simple.. all latest browsers are having TABNAVIGATION which makes your browsing experience great with pseudo feature. For this point.. i have done small story...

here you go...

First Scenario –

Rajesh -- during visiting Site A --
got to see some interesting content and clicked on that.. finally got opened THIRD PARTY site B.

Here also there are good interesting information r there so by clicking
B1 >> B1-a -- I am at B1-a

Again If I want to go to A --- Need to
CLICK – browser’s Back button THREE times [ this really irritates user because he is not clear how many times he need to click]

Second Scenario –

The same time if Site B opens in new window from Site A and go to the same path

In this case its very clear, where exactly i am.. and m not losing my PARENT SITE.. it will be there in BROWSER'S TAB NAVIGATION. this part works for me as a MAIN NAVIGATION..

—all the latest browsers are having TAB concept, we can say Pseudo Navigation[notebook tabs] it clearly tells user about all the sites which are opened and help user to navigate based on his/her need.

I strongly believe...
THIRD PARTY should open in New window only.

Like to hear from others.... request if any survey or metrics is there on same .. please share with me... Thanks - rajesh



The site is about the open third party site from your web page, you need to be sure about the content management system to use. It is very important for the user. Thanks a lot.

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