Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to make blog popular?

How to make your blog effective??

Let me try to put here in very layman angle...

  • From the Content [King of your blog] side.. it should be RICH..
  • Your content should have tagging to key words [even m not following this properly].... Like wikipedia. But keep one thing in mind... whenever u hyperlink any keyword within your content. Make target = new window, so that user will not lose your page.
  • Write proper TAGS / LABELS + DESCRIPTIONS + KEYWORDS ... its part of SEO [Search engine Optimizations]... it makes your blog searchable on internet.
  • Register your site on all search engines [yahoo, live, aol .. google]...There are number of sites where you can register your blogs, that works for you as a SEO.. .like BLOGCATALOG, BLOGADDA..
  • Keep your blogs as a mail signature, it shows your presents on internet
  • Keep update your blogs with latest informations
  • There are very effective widgets from google-blogs, include those all in ur blogs example--- LABELS
  • Most important, Visits others blog... write commments... leave your signature with blog address
  • Make your profile on social and professional communities with blog address

For more…can do googling..... there are good ways... :)


Minal said...

Great help in a real sense for all those who start afresh for blogging. Kudos..


Rajesh R.Nair said...

thanks Minal