How to get Creativity ?

1. Create an environment for creativity
2. Start the habit of drawing
3. Create a personal visual library [Start drawing objects in your own style example: Watch, Calculator .... .etc]
4. Create a personal metaphor library
5. Take creative and visual thinking breaks
6. Practice Creativity
7. Read more fiction literature
8. Start a visual thinking school

- vertical lines
- Horizontal Lines
- Circles
- Spirals
- Wavy Lines
- Jagged Lines
- Star(success)
- Diamond(Decision)
- Spiral(Change in Direction)
- circle(harmony)
- Direction(arrow)
- straight
- Triangle (Relationship)


Samson said…
Wow man!!! you have gathered loooooooot of information about lotttttttt of things ...great..I will keep visiting this blog form now onward for my study material.
Rajesh R.Nair said…
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Rajesh R.Nair said…
thnx sam.. sure .. ll keep on updating

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