Internet Explorer 8 [IE8]

Internet Explorer 8 [IE8]

Microsoft has recently come up with Best User Friendly Browser tool for user. This IE8 is amazing tool for users, for me its difficult to believe this kind of tool can be possible from browser perspective. By seeing this I gets feel that Microsoft is able to full fill their promises.
Some of the features which makes IE8 different and user friendly are....
1. Integrated Microsoft live within IE8

2. Search Suggestion with Visual

3. Accelerator:- A new feature, user can select key words and in One Click user can get lot of information for that keywords through other sites.


  • User is looking for J-Lopez on Microsoft Live
  • Can see the complete profile in one click from Wikipedia
  • Can see the price and availability of music albums in ebay / Stumbleupon
  • If any address information is existing can get the Map from Live Search
4. With a Right Click user can connect to My Space, Map with Live Search, Face book, Define with and other third part communities

5. Provides Web developer tools to quickly debug html + CSS and scripts in a browser environment
6. Webslices [represented by small icon] is a new feature similar to that used in RSS Feed , which allows users to subscribe directly from a Web Page. And the web pages which are subscribed will be added to the favourites.
7. InPrivate feature, one of the very interesting and useful feature. User can browse in security mode, this will not store any kind of information in cache. This can be very helpful for banking/ secure kind of browsing

Click here for demo


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